Space Escape: Overview

In this final project, we are planning to make a room escape game that is plotted in a space station. The player is now stucked in a space station that is about to explode, and the player need to move around in the zero-gravity space to find a way out. The main interaction lies in the travel where the player cannot simply walk around but the only way to move is by using some handle to pull oneself towards the target. The player also need to carefully look at the surroundings to find clues for the escape. For example the tools to light up the scene, keys to open some holder, as well as the interaction with very high tech computers.

Video Presentation

In this video we are mainly focusing on the art aspect of our game, without introducing any puzzle spoilers to the viewers. But we do have some technical feature demonstrations in this video. Go to the next section for the complete walkthrough of our game.

Video Walkthrough

SPOILER ALERT: You are going to see the complete walkthrough of our game. But at the same time you can see all the detailed features we have.