Space Escape: Overview

In this final project, we are planning to make a room escape game that is plotted in a space station. The player is now stucked in a space station that is about to explode, and the player need to move around in the zero-gravity space to find a way out. The main interaction lies in the travel where the player cannot simply walk around but the only way to move is by using some handle to pull oneself towards the target. The player also need to carefully look at the surroundings to find clues for the escape. For example the tools to light up the scene, keys to open some holder, as well as the interaction with very high tech computers.


We are not making any changes to our team and our project plans.

Game Design

We are doing the game and level design ourselves. Here is our thoughts:

  1. The player is going to see the computer shutted down, and saying that the player need to turn on the power of the computer terminal. There is a visible cable connecting the computer to a power source, which is locked by some covers. The player need to use their hands to turn the lock and open the covers.
  2. After that they will see three energy slots that are emptied. There are three energy cores hidden around the scene: the first one is flying and is obvious to the player. The second one is hidden in a corner of the electricity box. The final one is on the shelf. The user needs to find all three of them, and need to bring them to the corresponding energy core slot (with the same color). After all three cores are put in the right place, the computer will be opened.
  3. The the computer keyboard is shown, and a password will be required for the player to actually use the computer. The player will actually find a small piece of note that is beneath the pillow on the bed. After grabbing the note the player will infer the password of the computer, and the player will use their virtual index finger to press the key on the keyboard. After the password is inserted correctly, the computer is opened and a terminal will be ready to use.
    We actually want to implement a semi-complete computer terminal where, cd, ls, cat, help, unlock door could all be used. There will be some astronauts journels in the file system and the user can use the cat command to see them.
  4. When the computer is booted, the door lock will be shown blue and is able to unlock. But it will require the player to find a key card (the player's identity card). The player can find it under the book pile and when the user hold the card to the lock and when the card is close enough, the door will be opened and the game is now finished.

Art Design

We are doing art design completely on ourselves. Ziyang Li is mainly responsible for all the modeling, texturing and UI/UX design. We did the concept arts, and implement that idea using blender. For the items that requires texturing (like notes, cards).

Technical Implementation

Weichen is mainly focusing on the technical aspect of our game. As previous, we have improved our implementation on grabbing the handles and move around the scene. We have also implemented grabs the objects around the scene, open the electricity covers, and keyboard interactions. We are going to continue working on game logics and we are very close to finish now.