Space Escape: Overview

In this final project, we are planning to make a room escape game that is plotted in a space station. The player is now stucked in a space station that is about to explode, and the player need to move around in the zero-gravity space to find a way out. The main interaction lies in the travel where the player cannot simply walk around but the only way to move is by using some handle to pull oneself towards the target. The player also need to carefully look at the surroundings to find clues for the escape. For example the tools to light up the scene, keys to open some holder, as well as the interaction with very high tech computers.

Technical Features

  1. Selection & Manipulation (2 pts)

    Since we are aiming at giving a immersive experience of space, we are going to use the simpliest virtual hand methods to grab and manipulate the objects. There are mainly two things we need to select: the first one is just any movable objects in the scene like keys, cards and boxes, while the second one is the handles for the user to move, which we will address in the next section.

  2. Wayfinding (1 pt)

    We still need wayfinding because, since we are making a puzzle game, it is possible that the player need to have some hint for what is the next thing they need to find. So we will give wayfinding aid when the user press the "menu" button on the Oculus Touch Controller.

  3. Travel (2 pts)

    We are not going to use traditional travel methods since we are working in a space station. The way we want the users to travel is by giving them grabbable handles for them to fix themselves, pull or push to get accelerations, or even push the wall to move away from the wall. We are going to make the experience as close to the no-gravity space as possible.

  4. Symbolic Input (2 pts)

    We are also very interested in making high-tech computers in the room, while the user need to input some specific thing to move forward the game. The specific use case is not decided yet but we are sure that the interaction is going to be very interesting.

  5. Spatial Audio (1 pt)

    We really do want this feature because, why not. To make a seamless experience of a space room escape, the audio is necessary.

Note: We might add or remove any feature as our development goes on.

Creative Efforts

In the creative effort, beside the plot (a exploding space station) and the creative technical effort, we are mainly going to put our hands on designing some interesting puzzles and make really good models (scene). Both of us are hardcore puzzle game players and we do have some great ideas in terms of designing the puzzles. While we also have some modeling experience and we really want to design the scene one our own.

Video Demo

In the following video, we show some technical implementation of our current travel technique.